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What People are Saying and Reviews


“I have to say, the Harris book is one of the best books I have ever read. It has been so helpful. I have been fired before because I wouldn’t do something unethical. It has really changed my mind about prayer. I have asked God to help me through painful life situations, help to build my confidence, and ask for help. I am a bit of a perfectionist. When I ‘fail’ I feel as though I am not antiquate. In chapter three, Harris asks ‘are we trying to cover up the fact that we are not perfect?’ This made me realize that I needed to confess my sins and ask for forgiveness. I needed to read a book like this to help me recover from personal and professional trauma.”

Bethel Seminary Student, January 2021

“It was exactly what I needed and so encouraging!”

“I was actually hoping that you WOULDN’T remember me at the end of the meeting, I sure could not have been able to follow up Shari’s great message!” (from the Member of the Month who inadvertently was not introduced as planned) 

Rochester Christian Business Leaders Comments, August 2017 

“It was a joy to have Shari Harris share the inspirational account of how God awakened her faith in the workplace. Hearing about her journey encouraged each of us to persevere as we navigate obstacles in living our faith at work and press on to forge new ground for workplace fellowship in our lives.  Her book, Walking in Faith: Stories of Hope and Encouragement for the Workplace, is sure to inspire you to live your faith more boldly every day.”

Kim Waller, President, Fellowship of Christian Business & Professional Women, June 2017

“Shari’s Medtronic event was well attended. She spoke on Walking in the Faith in the workplace. She shared many inspiring stories, especially the importance of bringing your while self to the work environment. Shari shared the importance of being kind to fellow employees and showing our hearts because you never know what kind of an impact you may have. Shari is a very motivating speaker and will engage your guests.”

Tammy Waterman, Medtronic Christian Employee Resource Group Chair, February 2017

“Having been employed in a public speaking role myself for a time, one of my biggest pet-peeves about speakers is an inauthentic and hollow presentation: words for the sake of words. In contrast to these, Shari Harris is far from inauthentic and anything but hollow. Her passion for leading and encouraging others comes from having been led and encouraged herself, and her words are full of her sincere excitement in sharing her experiences for the building up of others. Shari is easy to work with, clear in her communication, and truly passionate about building up strong leaders who are the fullest and most alive people there are. It was a pleasure having her as the keynote of our event.”

Tyler Rogness, Medtronic Christian Employee Resource Group Project Manager, February 2017 

Shari’s book ministers to people who are hurting in the workplace. It illustrates how their Christian faith can support, guide and give them hope as they navigate difficult situations. I highly recommend this book as a resource for coaches and pastors to share with people who are experiencing these types of challenges.

Nancy Branton, M.A., PCC, CEO of Workplace Coach Institute

I couldn’t put it down. Thank you for being so transparent and real. You touched on so many real, raw, and relatable subjects, over and over again!!! Loved it and renewed my hope that God is in control!!

Patricia Martell, WorkLife, Inc. Consultant 

I’m addicted! WOW — Thank you for writing this real-life account of being a Christian in the workplace. I relate to so many of the stories. As I read them, it makes me consider how I have handled the same situations in my work place, and perhaps how I should do things differently. But mostly, I know I’m not alone in the challenges of being a Christian in the workplace. Keep the stories coming

Kristi Olson, Professional Development Coach and Consultant, Thrive! Coaching 

Shari, loved your book, read it all on the plane home, thank you soo much… for your book & for your great faith, PTL!!! Keep up the good work!!!

Pastor Pamela Chambers, Faith Family Worship Center, Denver. CO 

I read your book last night – could not put it down. It was exactly what I wanted and needed from God and he delivered through you!
You are an amazing woman of God and an amazing writer….this is your calling.

Thanks and congratulations!

Leslie Vatne M.A., SPHR | Sr. Principal OD Consultant – Global Organization Development

Author, speaker and leader Shari J. Harris gives practical and powerful solutions to living the Christian faith authentically on a moment-to-moment basis.  As an employee of one of the most respected corporations in MN, Shari is a leader in the Christian Employee Resource Group (CERG) where she boldly shares her faith in the marketplace.  Her words of encouragement express real life experiences at work with honesty and warmth drawing the reader into the stories and then guiding them toward understanding how to apply God’s truths in each situation.  The messages in this book give relevance to the challenges and opportunities we face as we seek to live a Christ-centered life with integrity each day.

Jacquie Skog, Counselor/Owner at Peace and Safety Counseling Services 

Thank you for taking the time to write and publish your beautiful book. Your wonderful spirit and love for God and others comes through loud and clear on each page.

Alan Smith, CBMC Northland Area Director