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Workplace Advice

Q: How do you start a Christian Group in your workplace?

A: It starts with prayer. Find a prayer partner and pray about it.

Start slow — consider starting with a Bible study group on the lunch hour. Informally invite others. Once you have a small group established pray about going to your HR Dept. to make your Bible study group official and ask for permission to advertise to expand.

Q: Questions abound when the topic of faith in the workplace comes up. I’d say the number one question is: I’m being challenged and struggling at work. Does that mean I’m in the right place and God is using me to change my workplace or using my workplace to change me? I think the struggle means it’s time for me to move on. What should I do?

A: Pray. Ask a friend to pray for you. Prayer is always the best defense. Pray for wisdom. And then:

Ask yourself two questions (your answers to these questions will guide you):

  1. Am I positively impacting my work environment?
  2. Have I begun to let my work environment negatively impact me?

If you are positively impacting your environment, please prayerfully consider that you are exactly where God wants you to be!

If you’ve been worn down to the point your work environment is negatively impacting you — if your behavior, thought, and actions have become negative, it may be time to let God move you on.

If it’s time to let God move you to a new place, it’s time for the “One Open Door Prayer“. I like to ask God to open only one door — His door — and to close all others.